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by Xavier Lambrecht Question by Shih Tzu Lover: Convertible opinions…? I am far being able to afford a new convertible, but I can dream. lol What, in your opinion, is the best all-around convertible on the market today? Price doesn’t matter…I’m not shopping……..YET! lol Best answer: Answer by mdcbertVw new beetle “TDi”. this site is [...]

Question by Nikki: Are all VW Beetles diesel? Best answer: Answer by ZackNo No No ! I don’t know of ANY being diesel What do you think? Answer below! Link to this post!

Question by Kaitlin W: are vw beetles expensive to fix? Best answer: Answer by SkyhawkDepends on the year of the VW. The older ones are very cheap to operate and maintain. The later models can be expensive. When you start getting into the fuel injection systems, smog equipment get complicated and therefore expensive. Know better? [...]

Question by chuchinardin: What the meaning of the word BEETLE? whats the meaning of the word BEETLE for the car Vlkswagen Beetle! Best answer: Answer by PhoenixVolkswagen in german means “The peoples car” and in Germany the “Beetle” was just called a Volkswagen when it was introduced in the 50′s. Originally the car was meant [...]

Question by Feeling the love…: What is the average annual maintenance cost of a used “New VW Beetle”? I’m considering the purchase of a used VW “New Beetle” [1998-2007] and I’m curious as to how reliable they are when it comes to *unexpected* as well as planned maintenance costs? I don’t want to get caught [...]

by Insert Magazine Question by gobucks740: How do Volkswagen Beetles do/get around in snow? I’m considering buying one, but this is a major issue.? Best answer: Answer by georgelike are very good in the snow. What do you think? Answer below! Link to this post!

Question by early june: I just bought a vw beetle 1969, and I want to restore it. Where can I find the best style to match my need ? Best answer: Answer by CatcanscratchRestoring back to stock is always nice & makes for a wonderful resale price!!! Know better? Leave your own answer in the [...]

by metr0 Question by Gettysburg Ghost: Where and how did Volkswagens originate? Best answer: Answer by fordmanBack around WW2. Hitler wanted a car for the masses. Volkswasgen is german for peoples car. Give your answer to this question below! Link to this post!

Question by glindaofnorth: What is with the TV commercial for Volkswagen with all of the people punching each other? I don’t get it.? Each person who does the hitting says something like “Blue one.” “Gray one.” Best answer: Answer by Shane Lthe game is called “Punch buggy” whoever see the VW gets to punch someone [...]

by Brave Heart Question by bees: where can i have my 1965 volkswagen repaired? Best answer: Answer by Pete WWhat is wrong? Any and I mean ANY mechanic should be able to fix it. There is nothing fancy about a bug. There is even an “Idiot’s guide to fixing a VW Bug” book. They are [...]

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